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Best liquid fertilizer for pasture

Wednesday, 19-Feb-2020 by Jeff Beeler
Best liquid fertilizer for pasture  

Best liquid fertilizer for pasture

Years ago we started using micro nutrients in orange groves to help us get a better yield, worked great. After a little time, we thought we could get more out of our fertilizer by adding a sticker and surfactant, we did! 

Some of the problems we ran into using a granulated water soluble was clogging, we never had the same consistency on each application, we wanted a more consistent solution to up our game, cut cost and have something that was extremely user friendly with a sticker and surfactant already in it. 

We started testing on just about everything, everything we could spray, we did, with excellent results! 

Crops2cattle is just that, it’s a patented process of turning a solid chelated mineral into a liquid concentrate with the sticker and surfactant already in it! 

After years on our own property and others, we found we not only boosted plant growth in all spectrums of agriculture, spraying pasture and hay was a game changer. 

Spraying pasture, we averaged 3 to 6% more in digestible proteins and increased on average about 10% body weights. This past year, customers averaged 86 pounds a head on sprayed pasture versus non sprayed.  The same nutrients that the plants ingest is also stuck to the outside, rain fast on contact. Not only did the pasture rebound faster on rotation, the supplemental mineral intake was not used as much because everything they needed was already in and on the plants! 

The combination of nutrients, with the sticker and surfactant, cut our cost per acre with no run off, unlike granulated fertilizers. 

Crops2cattle is 100% micro nutrients with no npk. Certain times of year we add our FarmersTouch-NPK with our micro nutrition package. When adding the two together the sticker in Crops2cattle holds the fertilizer so it’s rain fast, no run off or waste. 

How Often Should I Fertilize My Pasture. 

In our testing on sprayed perennial pasture, we recommend every two months depending on growing season. The furthest north we have tested is Colorado. We sprayed twice a year, when the plants went dormant, nutrients where still locked in, going down to the roots and coming back up, never leaving the plants. In the south we averaged four times a year, depending on the winter. 
Spraying annuals like wheat and oats in feed off lots, once the plants got past four to six inches we only sprayed them once. Our best results is using the combination of micro and npk in our annuals. 
For hay production, our best result is when everything comes out of winter dormancy. Spray again after cutting when the plants get back up to about six inches. When spraying hay fields, not only do we boost production but the nutrients are locked in after cutting. 

Can I Spread Fertilizer With Cattle In Pasture. 

We have sprayed many acres with cattle and horses in the pasture. It all depends on the size of the pasture. Large pasture we try and do a split application, rotating from one to the other so the growth doesn’t exceed what they can eat. 
Smaller pastures we have had no problems with cattle in the pasture. There is no cookie cutting, it all depends on the individual goals. 

In a summary, we created Crops2cattle for ourselves a little over twenty years ago, nothing really made us happy. We wanted a shotgun effect of the nutrients needed for the plants and livestock in one package. Something that was rain fast on contact,  with no run off, no waste and eco friendly. From Crops to Cattle we got it covered! 


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