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Foliar feeding vs. Granulated fertilizer

Saturday, 29-Feb-2020 by Jeff Beeler
Foliar feeding vs. Granulated fertilizer  

Foliar feeding vs. Granulated fertilizer


We visit farms all over the country, and have had the pleasure of meeting some great people. 

One thing we’ve noticed is the lack of hay because of different situations. 

One, is the ground has been worked for so many years and just doesn’t produce like it did in the past, two, there isn’t as much ground available.

Each year, in most places, there seems to be a shortage as old man winter persists. In most cases hay is just stored to fill the void until spring and start all over again. More people than not lease ground for hay production and don’t put anything in it in fear of loosing it next year. The cost of fertilizer isn’t cheap, you can’t put more money in than you get out, but the plants still need fed. If you only granular feed once in spring, most is lost due to compacted soil ( every thing runs off ) or the soil is like a screen door, first rain it just goes out the drain. The cost upfront is more than if you spread it out over the growing season. 

Do we need to amend the soil, absolutely, but only to what it can hold. In most cases granulated fertilizer is over used, the soil can’t hold it. For leased ground or your private, you can cut costs and feed the plants everything they need through foliar feeding. 

Micro, live nutrition, means it takes a little to make a big difference. Macro, dead nutrition, means it takes a lot to make a little difference. 
Spraying pasture ( green and growing plants) is micro, it’s feeding through live living plants. More sticks to their ribs and ups body weight. Macro is hay, ( dead nutrition ) it’s a filler to just get them through the winter, but doesn’t do anything other than fill them up, some call it turd pushers. Grazing cattle in pasture is more beneficial but we can make hay more nutritious. 


Getting the most for your dollar. 


Foliar feeding micro nutrients and fertilizer is more effective since it’s directly applied to the leaves and moves throughout the plants without any waste. The sticker in Crops2cattle makes it rain fast on contact. If you granular feed in spring, for example, and don’t do anything the rest of the year, what do your plants use in the summer. Most fertilizer has gone away or is locked up. We believe in feeding the plants more often. Foliar feeding every couple a months, it costs less and 100% is being used, feeding the plants and cattle through the entire green season. When the plants go dormant in the winter the nutrients are still locked in, they go down to the roots and back up, never leaving, benefiting the following years production. 

Spraying pasture with Crops2cattle ups the digestible proteins, more sticks to there ribs and body weights go up. Adding FarmersTouch-NPK your killing two birds with one stone, boosting plant growth and giving them the nutrients needed cutting down on supplemental minerals because there in the plants there eating already. 

Hay production on leased ground or your own, spraying in between cutting the nutrients are locked in making the hay more nutritious. Not just turd pushers. 

In our testing and customers testimony we’ve seen leaps and bounds in production, from Florida to Colorado we’ve averaged a double production in hay with the tissue analysis going up in nutrition. Foliar feeding isn’t the end all be all but it does change the game and put a few more dollars in your pocket with a better production for the cattle and hay! 


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